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The Prêt-à-Porter

Ready-to-wear Spanish vs. fashion fast fashion

We are all attracted by the latest trends in Spanish and international fashion. We are immersed in a world that cries us out to copy the last look of the most famous actress, or buy that trendy garment sponsored by the most in blogger. Television, advertising, internet and coworkers influence our purchases.
Sometimes we tend to be «fashion victims», and in that effort we resort to the big chains to be «up to date» for a modest price. Have you ever wondered what is behind that super economic garment that you covet because they all have it?

The fast fashion that floods the markets
Do you remember the fury that Zara’s «yellow jacket» caused? Well, a lot of women came out en masse to buy that «uniform». In the streets of large urban centers you could see «the look of the moment». As consumers – often avid – we have been tempted to buy fast fashion items from those fashion houses that produce mass clothing, thanks to the famous «fashion democratization».
This philosophy bets on fugacity. Therefore, these Spanish and international fashion firms often resort to subcontracted companies and hundreds of designers to make copied clothes that last a few months. The production takes place in a few weeks. Yes, they use foreign labour, thousands of miles far from home.
Several media outlets warn us about working conditions in countries such as China, Bangladesh and India, where workers work in subhuman conditions for more than 70 hours a week.

Fast fashion vs. the ready-to-wear
It is opportune that we know how to recognize the differences between a garment «ready to wear» and a fast fashion. The prêt-à-porter fashion garments are exclusive and are made with quality materials that follow rigorous controls. These pieces are also made with well thought patterns and the finishes are perfect. On the contrary, a fast fashion garment is made with fabrics of dubious quality, has little durability and basic finishes. The fast fashion houses offer us little exclusivity, since their models respond to the demands of a mass market that has use-and-throw purpose.

Lullaby Clothing and the «made in Spain»
It is worth reflecting on our social responsibility. Spanish fashion is highly appreciated internationally. We have the necessary means to manufacture garments that are valued. Just like in the kitchen, the slow trend is in vogue, and those who consume want to know where does what we buy come from. Lullaby Clothing is a Spanish fashion firm that, in addition to offering style and exclusivity with limited edition designs, is committed to offering quality prêt-à-porter garments, with a social philosophy that contributes to the creation of quality jobs in Spain, and strengthening its own identity

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